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  • Providing Local Labor Market Expertise
  • GTSS staffing services is an expert in locating local and international talents. GTSS knows where the best IT talent can be found and what it takes to attract and retain them.
  • Understanding Your Business
  • GTSS understands the need to evaluate client businesses, its IT initiatives and work environments before looking out for professionals who can fit the role. This helps us develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that is capable of attracting the best talents in the market.
  • Searching for Your Ideal Candidate
  • GTSS believes in leveraging its highly efficient referral network for sourcing needs of the clients. Our staffing managers interact with over 20,000 professionals to recruit the right candidates who will fit the cultural and technical environment of the client workplace.
  • Screening / Selecting Candidates to Match You With the Right Talent
  • GTSS follows a rigorous screening and selection process to filter the best talent for recruitment. We screen every resume, conduct interviews, technical assessments; perform reference checks before presenting the candidates to the clients.